Monday, October 11, 2010

My Two Loves, Part Two

If you missed Part One, read it here before reading on.

Before I go forward, I'm going to go back, just briefly. You see, I've talked about how afraid I have been to take a real step toward illustrating a children's book. But here's something funny:

I used to be afraid to write fiction!

I wrote poetry. That was where I was comfortable. I even enjoyed writing research papers in school (I know--weird!). But the few times I tried to write fiction in school, the stories turned out to be total flops. So, once I was done with school, I was done with fiction.

Until I ventured just a little bit out of my comfort zone when my husband and I became volunteer youth group leaders. I began writing Bible study lessons, short stories with Biblical themes, articles for the newsletter, short plays, and before I realized what had happened, I was writing fiction. Did I ever think I would write a novel? No. But I did. Three of them.

It hasn't been all that different for my art. Each little step out of my comfort zone has brought me closer to my goal of illustrating a children's book. In the past, I have ventured near that figurative ledge, doing preliminary sketches and doodles like these:

But I've never dared to take the plunge. Until now.

I chose my book ONE LONE LEAF, which is an autumn/Halloween themed counting book. I'm starting simple, with the very first page. I've got the sketch done, the image transferred to a linoleum block, and I've started the next step--carving.

Here is the preliminary sketch for this illustration:

My plan is to take this project one scene at a time. I would love to eventually sell ONE LONE LEAF and the illustrations as a package. But if the book sells without the pictures, that's okay too. This is only the beginning.


  1. That would be so cool if they get snatched up together!

  2. Yes, it would! But right now I'm just going to enjoy the process and then I'll see what happens.

  3. I think we all have to overcome a lot of fear, whether it's with writing or illustrating. You're so lucky to have both talents!


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