Wednesday, November 10, 2010

PiBoIdMo Update

On day 7 of PiBoIdMo (picture book idea month), I had already fallen behind. I only had four ideas on my list!

But here I am at day 10, with seventeen ideas on my list! I owe several of them to my brainstorming sessions with Corey. Any concept that had even the smallest hint of substance to it, I've jotted down. After all, and idea is an idea, right? No need to be too picky.

There has really been no method to my idea generating. Some ideas have come while I was lying in bed with my notebook in hand, just letting my mind wander. Others have come while considering a common phrase and playing with the words until an idea struck. Some have struck suddenly, like a little lightbulb moment. I've thought about my childhood, my kids, and my job. And the ideas have simply come.

The real fun will begin when I pick one idea and start weaving it into a story.


  1. How fun! Coming up with ideas is so energizing, all of those little creative synapses clicking away. Enjoy the process. (I'll be curious to know how you choose which idea to weave into a story.)

  2. MG--it will no doubt be the idea that is "stickiest."

  3. Wow, you have really zoomed ahead! 17 ideas already! And don't dismiss any of them (so says Corey)!

  4. Tara--I panicked a little when I was behind, so I guess that panic worked for something! Don't worry, I won't dismiss any of them. :-)

  5. Best of luck turning one or more of those ideas into an awesome story!! :-)


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