Saturday, June 21, 2014

Last Night's Storm

Part one:

Driving to the store
admiring the sky,
half blue,
half gray,
with sheets of rain
streaking down
in the distance.

Will it rain at home
or miss us again?

Part two:

The drizzles begin
as I jump out of the car,
three ducklings following,
and dash through the door,
dotted with raindrops.

Part three:

Ruuuummble, bang!
The first roll of thunder,
as loud as if I were outside
and not deep into the aisles
of Walmart.

We just need one item.
Hurry, hurry-- 


I jump
and laugh
at the rumble of thunder,
so loud that I wonder
if Thor himself 
is hammering on the roof.

I love T-storms,
but more so when
I am at home
and listening 
in safety.

Hurry, hurry!
Let's get home.
I don't want to be stuck
at Walmart
if the sirens go off!

Part four:

Dash through the door
and outside to the waiting car
as rain washes down
in cooling sheets.

The road is paved 
with rushing water,
the sky is black
an hour before sunset,
and tiny balls of ice
plink against the windshield.

Lightning flashes
as bright as a camera
an inch from your face
and thunder rages,
drowning out the sounds
of the ducklings
and the radio
announcing flood warnings
and even the
rushing gushing splashing
of the car
as it travels down a road
turned river.

It's a slow,
drive home.

Part five:

Pull into the driveway
as the rain eases slightly.
Two ducklings dare
to take a five-second shower,
and then we are inside,
where I can stand and watch
from the dining room window,
and then later
lie in peace
as the rain
and the thunder
lull me

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