Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ten Ways to Do NOTHING (and why you should)

As a writer, I know how important it is to let my brain take regular breaks. It can help me to refocus, recall details, or get out of a rut.

According to Scientific American, letting our minds wander is an essential element for a healthy brain. It helps us be productive and motivated, learn from our experiences and plan for our futures.

In other words, it's healthy for our brains to do nothing once in a while.

But if you look around you in a public place (or maybe even look in the mirror), you'll see evidence that people are afraid of being bored. People who can't resist checking their phones while stopped in traffic (or while driving--yikes). Whole families who sit at a table in a restaurant, each of them typing or scrolling away on electronic gadgets. And it isn't just the little gadgets. It can be TV or work or even reading. Spending too much time doing these things may be overstimulating your brain, not giving your mind a chance to recoup and reset!

Our brains need a little R&R now and then, and not only when we're asleep. With that in mind, here are ten ways for you to do nothing, or at least the kinds of somethings that help your brain take a break.

1. Sun bathe! No swimsuit required. Step outside on a sunny day and soak up some sun, leaving your phone in your pocket (or better yet, in the house or office). Close your eyes and use your other senses to experience the outdoors.

2. Cuddle with your favorite person or pet. This could even lead to a little power nap, but simply curling up with the TV and gadgets off or put away is a great way to relax and let your mind wander.

3. Go for a stroll. Again, without your gadget.

4. Take a bath.

5. Use the bathroom without your phone.

6. Forced to wait somewhere? Let yourself be "bored" for a few minutes before reading or taking out your device.

8. Stretch!

9. Do a mindless chore, like washing the dishes by hand or folding laundry.

10. Color or doodle. I do this in the middle of drafting quite often, taking a break to doodle aimlessly in the margins of my notebook.

Do you have any favorite ways to take a brain break?

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