Read, Discuss, Do!

The purpose of Read, Discuss, Do! is to offer simple, book-specific discussion and activity ideas that can be used by anyone -- caretakers, educators, librarians -- to "supercharge" story time! It's as easy as these three steps: Read a story, discuss the story, and do an activity related to the story.  Here is a round-up of all the Read, Discuss, Do! articles and social media images I've shared to date. Check this page regularly or follow #ReadDiscussDo on social media for new ideas.

Links to Read, Discuss, Do! Activity Articles:

Read, Discuss, Do! book lists:

Social Media Images:

For now, these aren't very organized, but I plan to list them in separate categories for simpler searching. There are lots of fun, simple ideas here, though. Have fun looking through it!

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