Saturday, November 19, 2022

Weekend Wisdom: Jerry Spinelli on writing for children

 I write picture books, and often times that means that when I'm invited to a school for a visit, I meet with kindergarten through second grade. But if I'm asked, I say I like to meet with all the grades! And I make it a point to remind the fourth and fifth graders that picture books are for everyone. That really goes for any book that is written "for kids." Picture books and children's novels contain some of the best stories ever written. Don't miss out just because they are for kids!

Wise words, Jerry Spinelli!

Friday, October 28, 2022

Read this if You're Wondering Where I've Been


Lately I have felt like I could do almost anything...

...except write a post for this blog. 

So I thought I would jump back in with a few simple updates. 

Since the end of summer I have:

  • finished the second draft of my latest verse novel
  • revised a couple picture book manuscripts
  • drafted a few new picture book manuscripts
  • read a lot of picture books
  • read one verse novel
  • planned several school visits
  • spent a lot of time with my kids and grandkids (I have three now!)
  • gone apple picking 
  • done apple cooking
  • written and edited for Read, Discus, Do!
  • and more

Throughout the fall I plan to do much of the same, but also:
  • revise an old verse novel manuscript based on my agent's feedback
  • polish a new picture book manuscript (rhyming, non-fiction) and show it to my agent
  • put together a book dummy for a concept book
  • make several handmade Christmas gifts
  • finish my Christmas quilt
  • LOT'S of baking
  • blog more often