I sometimes say that poetry is my first love. My mother read it to my siblings and me often when we were kids, and I developed and appreciation for poetry and an ear for meter at a very young age. So it made sense that when I started writing picture books, most of them were written in rhyme. And of the novels I've written (and finished), almost all of them are in verse. 

My poetry has appeared in the pages of various publications including Highlights for Children, Ladybug, Pockets, the Fun for Kidz magazines, and more. I also like to share original poems in my newsletter and occasionally on my social media, particularly Instagram. 

I believe poetry should capture a moment (or series of moments) and share it in such a way that the reader experiences it along with the poet! A poem invites the reader to share in wonder, emotions, thoughts, or perceptions. That's what I try to do with my poetry. I capture moments--real or imagined--and share them with readers so that they can experience them too.

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