I've been an artist my whole life, and have recently illustrated my first book, which also happens to be my first novel, an illustrated novel-in-verse titled MARI IN THE MARGINS, which will be published in May with Bandersnatch Books. I love using pencil and pen because of how easy they are to pick up and put down for a busy mom and grandma like me, but I also love to work with linoleum block prints, watercolor, and mixed media. I'm working on building my illustration portfolio, but until then, here are some pieces that I'm happy to show you.

From Inktober 2023:

A Dragon and His Hoard

The Path

Let's Go for a Ride
Ink drawing, painted digitally

Illustrated nursery rhymes:

Sing a Song of Sixpence

Three Blind Mice
Ink drawing

Hey, Diddle Diddle!


Three Banded Armadillo


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