My newsletter is now on Substack! I'm calling it Snippets and Sketches, and it is a newsletter for people who like art, poetry, and children’s books, especially when all three of those things come together. In this newsletter I share about:
  • Writing: Poetry, process posts, tips on writing concisely and poetically, and book news!

  • Reading: I love to highlight books that exemplify what I see as the best qualities in children’s literature, primarily in picture books and middle grade. 

  • Creating: Sketches, doodles, and other works of art I create on this journey toward becoming a children’s book illustrator.

  • Life: Random ramblings and anecdotes that I will attempt to relate to my life as a creative.

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  1. Wow, what I've read is so practical, though out and reflective. Thanks!

  2. Hi! Did you write Boo La La Ghost girls? We have the first book, but I'm having trouble finding the 2nd one. My daughter (almost 6) enjoyed the book when she was 4. I noticed the series wasn't continuing. Wondering what happened.

    1. Sorry, no. That's a different Rebecca Gomez!


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