Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Ten Rhyming Picture Books to Read if You Like WHAT ABOUT MOOSE?!

I love a good rhyming picture book. To me, nothing is more fun to read than a book with flowing rhyme, interesting language, and a fun story. Many people have said that those qualities are what they love about What About Moose?! If that includes you, I have a list of books that I think will you will be happy to add to your read-it-again shelf.

Each of these books has earned a rare 5-star rating on my Goodreads shelf because they are so much fun to read aloud. And more than half of them (so far) have even made it onto the picture book shelf in my family room. I hope you and yours enjoy them as much as I have!

1. Teeny Tiny Toady by Jill Esbaum

An adorable story about a teeny tiny toad's efforts to rescue her family from a bucket.

2. A Hippy-Hoppy Toad by Peggy Archer

Who doesn't love toads? This is a fun and bouncy little adventure.

3. The Forgetful Knight by Michelle Robinson

Join the knight on his hilarious adventure. With a dragon!

4. Diva Delores and the Opera House Mouse by Laura Sassi

A sweet story about learning to accept help.

5. The Prince and the Porker by Peter Bently

In case you can't guess by the title, this is a hilarious romp.

6. Simpson's Sheep Just Want to Sleep by Bruce Arant

A funny and colorful story about sheep who don't want to wake up.

7. It's Only Stanley by Jon Agee

A clever, amusing story about an ingenious dog.

8. Iggy Peck, Architect by Andrea Beaty

A funny story about a boy destined to be an architect.

9. Twinderella by Corey Rosen Schwartz

Cinderella has a twin?? And math!

10. The Pomegranate Witch by Denise Doyen

What child hasn't imagined that there is a witch in their neighborhood?

Friday, September 07, 2018

Custom PJs: A Read, Discuss, Do! Activity

WHEN YOUR MONKEYS WON'T GO TO BED is the fourth in a series of board books by Susanna Leonard Hill, illustrated by Daniel Wiseman. When your monkeys won't go to bed, what can you do? You may need to trick them into feeling sleepy. But be careful. Getting your monkeys to go to bed might make you sleepy too! WHEN YOUR MONKEYS WON'T GO TO BED is a (slightly) wild and fun read that is perfect for bed time, play time, or any time!


DISCUSS: What kind of pajamas do you sleep in? If you could have any PJs that you want, what would they look like? What would they feel like? 

DO: Design your own custom pajamas!

Print out the pajama or nightgown pattern (or draw your own), then use crayons, markers, or colored pencils to design your own PJs! Add to your design with glitter, stickers, and other extras if you want. 

Check out the ones my niece and nephews did below!

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