Saturday, January 04, 2020

20 Writing Tips for 2020

Happy New Year! Are you the kind of person to have a New Year's resolution? Or are you more like me, wanting to avoid the "resolution" cliché, but still wanting to set goals for yourself? Are some of those writing goals? If so, maybe this list of 20 writing tips for 2020 will help you achieve them!

1. Don't let "write what you know" stop you from exploring the unfamiliar. Nobody knows everything about anything.

2. Jot down every idea, even the "bad" ones.

3. Learn how to properly use apostrophes.

4. Participate in writing challenges.

5. Write the stories you want to write, the way you want to write them.

6. Follow writers, editors, and agents online through social media, newsletters, or blogs.

7. Write to write, not to sell, especially when drafting.

8. Get feedback from writers you trust (critique group, critique partners, paid critiques, etc.).

9. Participate in webinars or workshops that will help you develop your skills.

10. Learn the "rules" of writing so that you can learn how to break them effectively.

11. Don't write in rhyme unless you're willing to work harder than you've ever thought possible.

12. Keep track of your submissions!

13. If an idea strikes while you're in the shower, repeat it like a mantra until you have a chance to jot it down.

14. When editing or proofreading, reading your manuscript aloud and in various formats will help you catch errors more easily.

15. Go for walks without looking at your phone.

16. "Real writers write every day" is a lie. Do what works for you, but try to be consistent.

17. Call yourself a writer.

18. Living life is the best way to find ideas.

19. Be supportive of other writers.

20. Give yourself time to pursue other interests.