Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Ten Things that Help Me Stay Productive as a Writer

Sometimes it's fun to write lists. In fact, writing lists should be the first thing on my list of things that help me stay productive!

1. My bullet journal.

Sometimes referred to as my "everything journal." This is not just for writing down daily task lists, though. I use it for story ideas, reading logs, Christmas gift lists, blog post topics, birthdays, and so much more.

2. My iPad.

Sometimes I want do work without leaving the comfort of my bed, you know? My iPad makes it easy. I don't even have to sit up if I don't want to!

3. A space heater.

It doesn't matter how efficient the furnace is. Sometimes I need help keeping my hands from freezing.  Typing can be cold work!

4. Tea.

Especially hot herbal chai. Hot tea helps keep me motivated any time of year.

5. Composition notebooks.

They are inexpensive, lay fairly flat when opened, and are easy to tote around. I draft and brainstorm a lot using composition notebooks.

6. My phone.

The notes feature is great for saving ideas, and sometimes even brainstorming or quick drafts.

7. Quality writing tools.

I love a good ball point pen that writes crisp and smooth, like the Pilot G-2. Sharpie pens are also great because they write nicely, come in lots of colors, and don't bleed through my journal pages (don't worry, Sharpie markers, I love you too). I'm also a fan of mechanical pencils, for both drafting (I erase a lot) and sketching.

9. My office.

Having my own designated workspace has been a big motivator, which is funny considering how often I have the house to myself. But the fact is that I love my office, so I want to be in my office. And when I'm in my office, I'm usually working. Go figure.

10. Other authors' books.

As a reader, I love to be impressed by a writer's skill. As an author, I try to learn from writers who are really good at what they do. And, of course, reading can also help me know what not to do in my own writing.

What things help you stay productive in your daily life?