Saturday, December 31, 2022

The Best of 2022

As is tradition, I've written a blog post celebrating the highlights of the past year. This time, it's in the form of a "best of" list. 2022 was filled with a lot of great moments with family and friends, personal and professional accomplishments, laughs, and more. These are the best of them all.

Best day: 

There have been a lot of great ones (trick-or-treating with my grandson for the first time, Christmas Day with three grandkids), but I think the day that gets the title of BEST is the day we surprised my husband for his 50th birthday. We brought him to a pizza place with an indoor arcade and rides, and spent an afternoon playing like a bunch of kids. 

Best personal accomplishment: 

I read the whole Bible in less than a year! I've tried this so many times in the past, and always fell behind. This time I used a Bible app with a one year reading plan, and it made such a difference! I was able to read along while listening, and it helped me keep my focus. 

Best writing accomplishment: 

Finishing draft two of my latest middle grade verse novel. 

Best adult book read: 

That Hideous Strength by C.S. Lewis, book three in the Space Trilogy. I read (meaning listened to the audiobooks) this series for the first time ever this year, and enjoyed each of the books, but book three is my favorite. I found this book to be profound, engaging, and surprisingly funny. 

Best children's book read:

North Woods Girl by Aimée Bissonette, illustrated by Claudia McGehee. I love this book for its warm story, its vivid illustrations, and the way it reminds me of my own grandmother, who was also a north woods girl. 

Best movie watched: 

The Tomorrow War starring Chris Pratt.

Best family moment: 

This is a tie between the birth of our first granddaughter in February and the birth of our second grandson in July. Our family is growing fast!

Best friendship moment:

Meeting my friend and fellow children's book creator Jessica Linn Evans in person for the first time when she came to Nebraska for an SCBWI event!

Best road trip:

Going with my guys (husband and son) to Worlds of Fun in Kansas City.

Best food: 

I made Butter Chicken for the first time ever, and my husband and son said it was as good as what we've had at Indian restaurants!

Best laugh:

On April Fools Day, when I successfully tricked my husband with a fake dog poop!

Best "kodak moment": 

Getting this picture of all three of my grandkids together on Christmas Day. 

Do you have a "best of" memory from 2022 to share? I'd love to hear it!