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Manuscript critiques:

If you need help with a picture book manuscript, I can help! I offer critiques for picture books, both rhyme and prose, of up to 800 words. Critiques are available at two levels:

  • Quick Look: $25.00, for manuscripts up to 800 words. I will read through your manuscript and comment on the general premise and direction of the story. For rhyming manuscripts I will also make note of any obvious trouble spots with the rhyme and meter. If you have a manuscript that is fairly polished, but you would like some fresh, objective feedback, this might be the right option for you.
  • In Depth. For manuscripts up to 500 words: $50.00. Longer works (up to 800): $75.00. I will read through your manuscript and give thorough feedback on premise, plot, character development, and voice. For rhyming manuscripts this will include detailed feedback on the story's rhyme and meter. 
  • Second Look: I will take a second look at a manuscript for which I have previously done an in depth critique. For manuscripts up to 500 words: $20.00. Up to 800 words: $30.00. 
If you are interested in purchasing a critique from me, send me a request via email. Payments for critiques will be due upon completion, at which time I will send you an invoice via PayPal. Please note that my time is limited and I may not be able to respond favorably to every request. 

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