School Visits

One of the best things about being a children's author is having the chance to share my love of reading and writing with kids! During my visits to schools, I read one of my books and do a presentation or workshop on the following topics:

  • Author's Toolbox - the "tools" an author uses to succeed. I bring a real toolbox and even wear a hard hat! A "ninja" version of this presentation is also an option.
  • From Idea to Published Book: A Story's Journey - The writing and publishing process. The students will see early drafts, revision notes, F&Gs, and more.
  • Building a Story - My writing process from idea to polished manuscript. This is a powerpoint presentation. I include a printable worksheet that students can use to try my process on a writing project of their own.
  • Rhythm and Rhyme - For older kids, a workshop on rhythm and rhyme in storytelling. For younger kids, rhythm and rhyme games.
  • Or we can create A Custom Program based on your students' needs!

Most of these options can be adapted for a variety of ages and group sizes. If time and group size allows, they will also include a short activity.

I am available for school visits in the Omaha, Ne area and surrounding communities. 

For schools outside of the area (and while the pandemic persists), virtual visits are an option. Virtual visits can be as simple as a reading and Q & A or can include one of the options listed above.

Interested? For more information, email