Monday, January 21, 2008

In response to a question about writing books...

Yes, I've read a few. I highly recommend Picture Writing by Anastasia Suen for anyone who wants to write children's books for any age. It is basically like a writing course in the form of a book.

The Children's Writer's and Illustrator's Market always has good articles in it, especially for those who are new to this business. And, of course, the most recent edition of this book is an essential tool for any children's writer who actually wants to submit their work.

Another writing book that I thoroughly enjoyed was Stephen King's On Writing (warning: his book contains some "colorful" language). It was not only an entertaining read, but he's got some great insights for the wannabe writer. Might seem strange for a children's writer to recommend his book, but there ya go. :-)


  1. Gracias. I knew about the second book. I would like to check out the other two.


    I am reading (plugging through) "The Lie that Tells a Truth" written by a fiction writing teacher named John Dufresne. I am not one to like reading the How To genre that marks our age; but I am making myself get through it for two reasons. #1 It has a bunch of good ideas of writing exercises and #2 'cause my man bought it for me 'cause he knows I like writing. :-)

  2. those all sound like great books - i will look into them - i keep thinking i would like to write children's books...

    as for Stephen King - he is just genius..... :o)


  3. Well, Ang', if you didn't live a gazillion miles away from me, I'd let you borrow them. :-)

    And A, definitely get Picture Writing if you ever decide to do go beyond thinking about writing children's books. It is sooo helpful!

  4. Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. On Writing is fantastic! Great recommendation. I also love Fiction First Aid.