Friday, December 26, 2008

JOPs (aka 5-minute free write) and laughs with friends

Corey suggested that I do an example of a JOP. Okay, I will. But I want one of my readers to give me the topic. Leave me a comment with your topic idea and I will do a five-minute free write about that topic. I'll do the first comment that shows up, so be quick about it.

Now for a laugh. Check out this post on my friend Angie's blog, for a humorous glimpse into our past.

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  1. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Thanks for the plug! :-)

    Ok, I will give you a topic. But then I think you should give us (your faithful blog readers) a topic that we each do a JOP for in your comment section.

    Here is your topic:

    Extra-terrestrial sightings


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