Thursday, December 11, 2008

Writing vs. Baking Cookies

I know I'm supposed to keep going on with my NaNo book this month, working steadily toward my goal of 50,000 words by December 31. But, it is at a stand-still. My novel has been sitting at 30,016 word for the past eleven days.

I blame the season. My novel-writing time has been set aside in favor of holiday baking, get-togethers, kids' music practice and concerts. The list goes on. But I love this time of year. I love the music, the fellowship, the fun, even the craziness to a point.

And I love baking and sharing my treats. Yesterday I made ginger snaps and fudge. This weekend maybe the kids and I will make some cut-out cookies or chocolate dipped pretzels. Or both!

Maybe I'll make time for working on my novel too. But, more important is sharing the joy of the Christmas season with my family. Sappy, I know. But true.


  1. Anonymous7:57 AM

    We had a cookie exchange yesterday and it was so fun to share our baked goods! I would say that family takes priority in my life too. :-)

    It has been a month since you mentioned the NaNo thingy and I am still psyched about doing it next year. I have discovered recently that my productivity rises when I involve people that are important to me in the process. So, I am looking for another person this side of the border to do it with me but I was wondering if you are planning on tackling it in 2009 as well so we can keep each other motivated.

    Merry Christmas... eat some of those pretzels for me; those are the best!

  2. I forgot to buy pretzels on Friday, so the chocolate dipped pretzles will have to wait for now. Fortunately for me, someone brought some to share at work today!

  3. You've got me beat. I've made molasses sugar cookies and nanaimo bars so far. Still have shortbread, gingerbread, chocolate truffle squares, and mint merangues (sp?) on the to do list. Happy baking!


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