Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Blue Angel: A poem for National Poetry Month

Another poem from my poetry journal. Guess where I went the day I wrote this!

Blue Angel

Blue bird
with steel wings,
zooming, booming
over the crowd,
drowning out the
oohs and ahs
as you wisk by,
a streak in the sky!


  1. Great poem on a great topic! I've only ever seen an iMax motion type of movie of them and even that was spectacular.

  2. Lizann, if you ever have the chance to see them in real life, you should go for it. It is an awesome experience!

  3. I remember watching the Blue Angels as a kid. My dad was fascinated with all things aviation. They were pretty amazing to see. Fun poem!

  4. Sherrie--amazing to see and to HEAR. They are so loud, especially when you're standing nice and close.


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