Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Life of a Picture Book Part Ten: OUT in the World!

The last time I updated, I was not in love with my Winifred story. I went back to it and wrote a prose version. I liked that version less. So I went back to the rhyme version and did some tweaking. I ended up completely rewriting a few stanzas and deleting a couple others. Finally, I decided that Winifred was ready!

On Saturday, I sent Winifred on her first foray into the publishing world!

Maybe in a few weeks I'll have some good news. But if I don't, I'll just repeat step ten a few times. And then, who knows? Writing is rewriting, after all.


  1. Fingers crossed for you!

  2. Let's hope for a win for Winifred! I admire your brava, Becky.

  3. You sent it? You didn't tell me!

  4. Thanks, Angie and Sherrie!

    Corey, forgive my negligence. :-)

  5. You should rewrite each stanza as a haiku.

  6. clp333--interesting idea. Maybe with another story. There is one picture book that I know of that is written in haikus. It's called Dogku.


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