Monday, February 07, 2011

Being creative for the fun of it

Over at Rebekah Joy Plett's blog, she talked in this post about how she wants to do something creative every day in 2011. And I have decided to join her.

It doesn't have to be my usual creative thing (writing), but can be anything creative. Anything that gets me exploring and using my imagination. Here are a few of the creative things I've done so far in 2011:

Our little snowman (supposed to be an alien)

Revising my new PB manuscript


A Lego RV


  1. Can't decide which I like best! Of course, it doesn't help that I am starving right now!

    (But the alien snowman ROCKS!)


  2. I think using our minds in different ways like you're doing here feeds creativity. I love the lego RV!! And yeah, I love playing with legos.

  3. The snowlien is epic. I'd love to see one of you pb manuscript someday just to see how you formatted it.


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