Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer's here! (almost)

Today is my last day of work until August! Tomorrow is the last day of school. And yesterday, the weather actually felt like summer (fitting for Memorial Day). It was warm and humid and wonderful, even though I ended up in bed with a migraine for three hours in the afternoon. The thing about pain, though, is that once it's gone I feel twice as great as before it showed up.

I am very much looking forward to summer and hope that it will be as pain free as possible. I have no major plans besides reading a lot, writing a lot, and most importantly, spending lots of time with my kids. We're planning on heading to Minnesota for a family reunion in June, and my two girls and hubby will be going on a church trip in July, but no big vacations planned this year (unlike last year's big road trip, which kinda seems like it was only last week).

What are you looking forward to this summer (or this winter, for my readers on the southern half of the globe)?

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  1. I am looking forward to combining our kids' winter break from school with a trip to the summery United States of America. Your summer sounds lovely!


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