Wednesday, May 04, 2011

What was I thinking?

Being uncomfortable seems to be a theme for me lately.

It's May 4th, and I've STILL got cold hands and feet.

I signed on to do an actual illustration project, which freaks me out just a little bit.

AND I've agreed to show up as an "author" for career day at school tomorrow. What was I thinking? I'm suppose to answer questions about my "career," along with a panel of other career people. And then break into smaller groups and talk more about my "career" with a bunch of 3-5 graders (and possibly some parents).

I know! Maybe I should answer my "career panel" questions here. Just to practice.

Q: What is your job?

A: Ummm...I'm a poet/author/artist type person. That is, I write stuff. For kids. And sometimes it gets published.

Q: What was your training/education?

A: AP English class? And life? I do have a high school diploma...

Q: Why did you choose this job?

A: Because I figured I might as well DO something with all the poems and stuff I was writing. Plus, I was staying at home with my kids so I had TONS of free time (okay, not really, I had hardly any free time). Or maybe it was because I wanted to torment myself by pursuing a career while not really getting paid for it...yet.

Alrighty. Well, maybe those aren't the best answers yet. Trying again...

My job? I'm a children's writer.

My education/training? No college degree, but writing has always been one of my strengths. Also, using the many resources that are out there (websites, books) and developing relationships with other writers has helped me get better at what I do.

Why do I do this? Easy. Because I love it. I love to write and I love to see my work in print and know that kids all over the country or the world can enjoy it.

Okay, I feel a little better now.

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  1. Definitely go with the 2nd set of answers :P

    You'll have fun - and I bet you're a bit hit! Kids love being creative and knowing someone can do it for a living is very cool!


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