Sunday, January 29, 2012

House of Bones excerpt

Taking Chances

Monday morning.
Blue sky
            blue sky
                        inviting me out
into the warmth
of a summer morning.

I have one destination
on my mind:
the house of bones.
My bag is packed—
            water bottles, two of them
            granola bars, two of them
            a can of bug spray
            my camera
I grab a banana as I head out the door.
                        “Where are you going?”
“Just walking.”
                        “With a back pack?”
“A snack and water.”
                        “And your camera.”
“And my camera.”
                        “How long will you be gone?”
“Long enough to get

I don’t tell her
it depends on if he is there.

(c) Rebecca J. Gomez


  1. intriguing. paints a picture in my mind's eye. keep up the good work.

  2. Lovely! I want to know what else she didn't tell her. :)


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