Saturday, March 31, 2012

National Poetry Month begins tomorrow!

I didn't have any specific plans for Poetry Month until I came across the blog of fellow verse novelist Caroline Starr Rose, Caroline by Line.

Caroline has committed to reading three verse novels during the month of April, and challenged her readers to join her. Throughout the month she will also be posting lots of goodies related to the reading and writing of verse novels.

How could I resist joining in on the fun?

The three verse novels I will read in April are:


Throughout the month I will share my thoughts on these books, post about some of my favorite verse novels, share a little about my journey in writing two verse novels of my own, and (hopefully) interview one or two authors.

So that's my plan. But don't be surprised if it changes a bit, because, if you know me at all, you know I'm not a great planner.


  1. I've heard really great things about May B. Enjoy!

  2. So glad you're joining in!

  3. Caroline, I got your book today and I'm loving it!


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