Thursday, August 16, 2012

What I Learned from WriteOnCon

I've spent about the last week absorbed in WriteOnCon, an online conference for children's writers. I lingered in the forums for hours at a time, reading and critiquing queries and first pages and feeling a little amazed at all the incredible work that my fellow children's writers have been working on! I watched videos and participated in forum events and lurked during live chats with "industry pros." And I learned a lot, but two things stood out above it all.

1. A lot of writers are working on fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal or dystopian books, and not too much contemporary fiction.

2. Editors and agents seem to be hungry for contemporary fiction.

This is great news for me, because my book HOUSE OF BONES seems to be just the type of thing many of these industry pros are looking for.

I just have to find the right match.


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