Sunday, December 02, 2012

PiBoIdMo Wrap-up, or How do I Brainstorm?

Happy December!

Picture Book Idea Month is officially over, and I'm happy to say that I have THIRTY-ONE shiny new picture book ideas to choose from. A few of my ideas came to me in those magical sudden inspiration moments, but most of them came as a result of active brainstorming sessions.

As a writer, I'm not much of a brainstormer, except when I'm working with Corey. I like my ideas to come to me naturally, not to be hunted down and forced into submission. But PiBoIdMo is supposed to be a challenge, so I used the opportunity to break out of my shell and see if anything good comes of it.

I'd say that a list of thirty-one new ideas is a good thing.

So how did I, as a non-brainstormer, manage to do it? Here are a few of the ways I was able to capture some ideas.

  • Sitting in the car with my notebook in my lap, tapping my pen on the blank page. I look around, let my mind wander, and see what random thoughts enter my brain. Yes, this has actually worked. More than once.
  • Being alert for the slightest odd behavior and/or language in the people around me. 
  • Thinking big and wacky. Some of the best stories are ordinary situations magnified times 10!
  • Purposely coming up with far-fetched "what if" scenarios. 
  • Mentally placing different animals into various human situations. Try it. The results can be hilarious!
  • Talking to kids. If they have an experience worthy of sharing with me, chances are there will be a story there that other kids would want to hear.
  • Imagining my favorite movies and TV shows as picture books. 
  • Playing with words. Sometimes a common phrase changed-up can inspire an entire story!
  • Sharing idea-sparking conversations with my friend Corey.
These are some of the methods that have worked for me. What about you? Did you participate in PiBoIdMo? 

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