Saturday, May 18, 2013

Brandon Sanderson signing and gasps of horror

Yesterday I went to the Brandon Sanderson book signing here in town, along with my two teenage daughters. We were there primarily because of Daughter #2's love of his Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians series, of which book five has yet to be released. She has been anxiously awaiting the promised fifth book in the series, so naturally that was, for her, the burning question of the night.

Mr. Sanderson was down-to-earth, friendly, funny and easy to talk to. When we finally made it up to the table for our turn, Daughter #2 told him how much she loved his books and how much she yearns to read the much anticipated book five. They chatted for a moment as he signed the books, and then it was Daughter #1's turn.

As he signed her copy of his newest book, The Rithmatist, Daughter #1 asked him a thoughtful question about what inspires him (part of his answer had something to do with being chased by a cubicle). We were listening intently when, suddenly, Daughter #2 gasped in horror, "Why would you WRITE that?!"

What terrible thing had he written on the page of her beloved book?

"P.S. (insert character name) dies."

After recovering from the shock of her outburst, he just kind of chuckled and she went on to tell him that he "really is a terrible person." If you have read Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians, you will understand the significance of that statement.

I think that was the funniest moment of my year so far.

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