Wednesday, June 26, 2013

As kids grow and change, summer does too

I never understood those stay-at-home moms who dreaded summer vacation. As a mom, it has always been one of my most anticipated times of the year. Right up there with Christmas! It has been a time to catch up with my kids, to make up for the seemingly countless hours they spend away from me during the school year.

When my children were younger, summer days were spent doing typical summer stuff. Afternoons running in the sprinkler, whole days at the zoo, weekend camping trips, swimming as often as we could, picnics, parties, barbecues, bike rides, berry picking, chasing down the ice cream truck, playing hide-and-go-seek after dark, and so much more. I was right there with them, enjoying the moments and knowing that one day they were going to grow up, and all that fun was going to change.

The growing up has happened a little bit at a time, but it is most noticeable during the summer. The fun activities we once enjoyed have been dropping out of our lives like cheerleaders in a horror movie.

The first victim was the sprinkler. Teenage girls are just not interested in running around in their back yard in their bathing suits. I'm kind of surprised that it lasted as long as it did.

The next one was swimming. Sure, we still go to the pool or the lake, but neither of those have the draw that they once did.

And now the zoo has lost some of its magic; the mention of camping or fishing elicits nothing but groans; and bike rides only happen if the weather is springlike and we promise not to go up any big hills.

So I have had to adjust. Running through the sprinkler may be a thing of the past, but my kids know how to handle a water gun! My kids may not enjoy fishing or camping so much, but they'll spend an hour or two at the archery range or in the woods with their sling shots. And though they might not be too thrilled at the idea of swimming in a crowded pool or with the fishies at the lake, they know how to have a good time in the wave pool.

Yeah, things have changed, as they are supposed to. And, even though my kids aren't so little anymore (one is starting college this fall!), I still treasure every moment I have with them.

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