Friday, August 30, 2013


Today I am officially in my late thirties. And I feel great about that! So I decided to celebrate with a list of all the cool things that have happened in my life over the past twelve months. Here goes!

  • My friend Angie and her kids visited from Bolivia 
  • I sold my first book!
  • My poem "Sleet" was published in Highlights
  • Daughter #1 graduated from high school
  • and went to college
  • I quit my day job (bittersweet, but cool because I now have time to write during the DAY)
  • Daughter #2 and I built an enormous (not exaggerating) castle out of Legos
  • Family vacation to the North Shore
  • Visiting my parents
  • Two new nephews 
  • Art journaling
  • The Hobbit movie
  • Shopping at Ikea
  • and Lego Land
  • WriteOnCon
  • My hubby's SURPRISE 40th birthday party
  • Daughter #2's surprise birthday breakfast  
  • Family Christmas party (big, loud, and way fun)
  • Daughter #2 learned to play the guitar
  • I finished a crochet project I started years ago
  • My son read The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe
  • I started writing a YA fantasy novel
  • I saw a spider catch a fly (How often does a human being get to witness that?)
Yeah, 37 was awesome. I wonder what 38 has in store for me?

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  1. What a wonderful look at the past year! Happy with you :)


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