Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

To some
Christmas is
a time for shopping
and baking
and giving
and taking
and waiting for the guy 
in the bright red suit
to magically appear with
his sack full of presents.

A time to sing songs, 
and hang lights
and visit a shelter
or drop coins in a red kettle,
to be happy
and smile
at everyone around you,
to gladly shout "Happy Holidays"
or softly whisper "Merry Christmas"
or jokingly wish everyone 
a Happy Hanakwanzmas.

With the lights
and cookies
and presents
and cheer
Christmas can be a jolly time of year.

There are lots of reasons to
enjoy Christmas,
but there is only one reason
FOR Christmas,
and his name
as you probably know
is Jesus.
Jesus Christ,
who gave us the manger
so that he could give us
the cross.

Merry Christmas!

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