Wednesday, April 23, 2014

National Poetry Month: FORGET ME NOT review

The second verse novel I picked up this month is Carolee Dean's FORGET ME NOT. 

Forget is certainly something I won't do when it comes to this book.

I loved it.
I loved it so much that, after reading the last page, I could do nothing but exhale, then simply sit there, stunned.

This book is everything a verse novel should be. The poetry is varied, at times with surprising rhythm and rhyme. The language is intimate, haunting and lyrical. The story is concise, yet resonant.

I love that this book is told in two perspectives. One voice is Ally, who is hovering on the edge of death. The other is Elijah, the boy who loves her and the only one who can help her see that her life is worth saving.

FORGET ME NOT is the tragic yet hopeful story of a girl whose life has spiraled out of control, who must choose between going back to that life and trying to repair the damage, or spend eternity in forgetful apathy. It is at times spooky, at times heartbreaking, at times edge-of-your-seat suspenseful, at times romantic, and at ALL times a wonderful book.

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