Monday, May 12, 2014

Moosey Monday: The great moose hunt

In celebration of my and Corey's forthcoming picture book, WHAT ABOUT MOOSE?, I thought it would be fun to set aside Mondays to celebrate moose in all their forms!

First up, the (not so) great moose hunt!

No, I didn't really set out to hunt moose. Not with a rifle, anyway. But I did vacation with my family last year in the beautiful Grand Marais, Minnesota, which, according to all the touristy informationy stuff, is home to plenty of moose. Having just received an offer for WHAT ABOUT MOOSE?, I had moose on the brain. I was determined to see a moose in the wild, and photograph it for my lovely writing partner.

We drove along highways with moose crossing signs, we meandered along back roads and up into the hills, we trekked through the woods with our eyes open wide. But we never saw a moose. We followed the maps to all the right places at the right times of day. But we never saw a moose. We did get startled by a big fat beaver, but that's a story for another day.

On our last day, as we drove away from Grand Marais, the thought going through my mind was, "What about moose?" I was beginning to think that moose were mythological creatures. Like the yeti!   But that's ridiculous, right? Maybe I'll never know...

So Corey had to settle for a postcard. And I had to settle for a picture of the Grand Marais water tower.

Small consolation.

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