Wednesday, November 19, 2014

PiBoIdMo Ain't Over Yet!

It is November 19th. There are 11 more days left in the month. And I have 26 ideas so far in my PiBoIdMo list.

I can come up with 4 more ideas this month. No problem.

I am, therefore, amending my personal PiBoIdMo goal to 40 ideas. That's 14 more ideas in the next 11 days. No problem.

Maybe I'll even go beyond that.

And when November's over? What then?

I think I'll take December to sit back and relax and enjoy the Christmas season. Maybe I'll work on that picture book project I started in October. Maybe I'll write a rough draft or two from the ideas on my list.

But there will be no pressure.

Unless I get editorial feedback. Like on that one manuscript that Corey and I sent to that one editor...

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