Monday, March 09, 2015

Moosey Monday: THREE MONTHS TO GO!

Today is March 9, 2015. That means, in exactly one month, WHAT ABOUT MOOSE? will be officially published!

Three months, as anyone who's experienced summer vacation knows, is not as long as it sounds.

Do I have any other exciting updates to share? Nope. I just had to get this THREE MONTHS TO GO! out of my system. Thanks for indulging me.

And now, here's some moosey advice that I found on pinterest:


  1. Love the advice! 3 months isn't long at all - and our snow will be gone by then ... I hope :) Love the cover of your book!

  2. Thanks, Jemi! I love the cover too. I think the illustrations are darling. Especially Toad!


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