Saturday, April 18, 2015

National Poetry Month: Guest Poet Julia Gomez

My daughter Julia joins us on the blog today, sharing a poem that was published in her university's literary journal.


The Death of a Muse

My child-self, long ago, would 
Cup her hands together,
Creating darkness between her palms
To better watch the firefly's glow.

My child-self, a memory now, would
Cover her eyes with her hands,
Peering through fleshy shutters,
When what she saw was
Too much too feel.

Now, my heart sees too much,
Fears too much the world's unblinking gaze.
As it fills with unexpressed emotion,
I move my hands from my eyes,
And, blinking at the blinding light,
Place my palms over my chest,
As if to keep my soul
From bursting.

Where once I could feel, think, live
Without restraint,
My pulse now quivers
As I cage my life 
Behind my hands,
Letting no one see more
Than shadows
And mere blinks of light.

Suffocated by my tightening grip,
My heartbeat ceases
And all I hold is the darkness

I have created between my palms.

(c) Julia Gomez

Julia is a singer, poet, and a college student studying Vocal Performance. When she isn’t singing in operas or choral ensembles, Julia takes walks on the arboraceous campus and writes poetry in her head. Some of them make it onto the page.

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