Saturday, January 09, 2016

Sixteen for 2016

The New Year is off to an interesting start for me. My Christmas decorations are still up, about a week longer than usual. My family room has shrunk in size due to the queen size air mattress taking up half the room. I've had no time to blog, little time to read, and haven't cleaned the bird cage in over a week!

My mother has been in town, and staying with me, since last Saturday. She came down so that she could be here for my sister, who was diagnosed with breast cancer right before Christmas. We've been accompanying my sis to her appointments and trying to be as supportive and helpful as possible as she begins her treatments. So my life has had a shift in focus for the last couple of weeks. And it will be that way for a while.

But that hasn't stopped me from thinking about what I'm hoping for in this year. So I've decided to take a few moments to write down 16 things I hope to do in 2016.

1. Sell another book. Or two. Hopefully one that Corey and I wrote together, and one that I wrote on my own.

2. Redecorate my house, including having a custom built-in bookcase installed in the family room.

3. Do a lot more school visits and author events.

4. Visit with friends I haven't seen in a long time.

5. Take a vacation somewhere I've never been, like to Maine (which could help me with number 4).

6. Launch a newsletter. This was meant to happen in January, but it may not happen until February or March (stay tuned!).

7. Make handmade gifts for my nieces and nephews to give (or send) to them at Christmas. At least, the ones who are under 18 years old. That's...let me count...22 of them, plus one great niece!

8. Finish reading Moby Dick.

9. Send a Moosey surprise to Corey (my coauthor) and Keika (Moose's illustrator).

10. Reorganize the "storage room" to make better use of the space and set up an art area.

11. Fill all the remaining pages in my art journal.

12. Write more poetry.

13. Learn calligraphy. This was supposed to happen in 2015, and it didn't. But my BFF gave me a set of calligraphy pens and ink for my birthday, so this WILL happen in 2016!

14. Write more letters and send them through the mail.

15. Start a new journal for the purpose of blending art journaling with Bible study.

And the most important of all:

16. Help my sister kick cancer to the curb!

What are your goals for the new year?

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