Saturday, April 16, 2016

Poetry Week by Week: Animal Rhyme Challenge!

It's the end of week two of Poetry Week by Week. Saturday is nearly over. It turned out to be a very busy Saturday in which I barely had time to scribble a poem down as I cooked dinner. But there is nothing like a looming deadline and a piece of scrap paper to give me a little creative boost. So, it may be late, but I made it!

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I've had foxes on my brain recently, possibly because the villain in the soon-to-be released HENSEL AND GRETEL: NINJA CHICKS is a fox. Maybe it's because my daughter wrote about a fox for her concrete poem. In any case, I like foxes. They are fascinating creatures that rarely allow themselves to be seen, at least around here. I've seen one in nature twice. Once I caught a glimpse of a little red face peering out from tall grasses near a state park. Another time I saw one darting across an open field at the edge of a subdivision. I drive past that open field a lot, and am always on the lookout for that flash of red fur! But no fox has shown its face in that area since. So I'll just have to imagine it instead. Which is what I did with the animal rhyme challenge today!

Here is my poem, which may turn out to be just the beginning of a longer poem. We'll see.

Red Fox

Red fox
sly and slick.
A zip, a dash, a blur.

I barely catch,
as you dart past,
a glimpse of russet fur.

© Rebecca J. Gomez

What about you? Would you like to join me in this challenge and write a little animal rhyme of your own? If you are inspired, share your poem or link to it in the comments.

Happy rhyming!

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