Saturday, April 30, 2016

Poetry Week by Week: Haiku challenge!

It is the final day of Poetry Month and the final challenge for Poetry Week by Week! I hope you have enjoyed following along as we celebrated poetry for the past month.

And now it is time for the haiku challenge!

It has been raining a lot around here. Hailing too. I love a good rainstorm, especially when it brings with it a decent amount of thunder and a little bit of pea sized hail. When I love something, I often want to write about it, so that explains the inspiration for the haiku I am sharing with you today.

Click clack tip tap ping!
On the windows, walls, and doors.
Hail says, "Let me in!"

I hope this exploration of poetry has inspired you in some way. National Poetry Month may be coming to a close, but poetry can be enjoyed any time by anyone!

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