Saturday, June 03, 2017

It's summer!

Summer has officially crept up on me. My daughters have been home from college for nearly a month. My son's last day of tenth grade was a week and a half ago. And we leave for our annual summer road trip in just a few days!

How did that happen?

It seems like, as the kids have gotten older, the transition from school year to summer has become less seamless. It happens little by little until, suddenly, the season is in full swing and I barely even noticed.

Anyway, summer is here! And even though my girls will be working a lot, and my son will be spending a lot of his time playing video games or shooting hoops with his friends at the park, I intend to make the most out of summer.

I'll enjoy my slow, lazy mornings. I'll happily tend my garden. I'll soak up the sun and spend as much time with my kids (two of whom are not even kids any more) as much as they'll let me.

And maybe I'll even get some writing and reading done!

Happy summer to you too! (Or winter, for those of you way down south!)

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