Saturday, February 16, 2019

Crow's Nest: A Read, Discuss, Do! Activity

HAROLD LOVES HIS WOOLLY HAT by Vern Krousky is a cute and heartwarming story about a little bear who learns what it really means to be special. When Harold wears his woolly hat, he knows he's special. So when a crow swoops by and swipes it, he is determined to get it back! He tries offering the crow various things in exchange for his hat, but nothing works. But when he climbs up to the nest and sees what his hat is being used for, what he does next helps him realize that it was never his hat that made him special!


DISCUSS: What does Harold discover in the nest? What does he do about it? What does Harold do that shows he is a special bear even without his woolly hat?

DO: Create a picture of a crow's nest like the one in the book, complete with an open nest that can be filled with odds and ends (and maybe a tiny hat?).

You will need:

  • Construction paper: one light color, one black 
  • A paper egg carton
  • Scissors
  • School glue
  • Glue stick
  • Short pieces of yarn
  • Small fabric scraps
  • Light colored crayons 


Using the black construction paper, cut out a tall, narrow tree a couple of inches shorter than the length of the paper. Be sure to give the tree short, random branches. Use the crayons to give the tree a suggestion of bark (use the illustrations in the book for inspiration if you're stuck). Use the glue stick to glue the tree to the light colored construction paper.

Use a strong pair of scissors to cut out one section of the egg carton, then cut that one section in half at an angle. This will be the nest! Use white glue to attach it to the top of the tree. Let it dry.

While the nest is drying, make a crow out of black paper. Use the glue stick to add the crow to the picture. Next, cut several very skinny strips of different lengths. These will be the "twigs" on the nest.  Use white glue to glue the twigs onto the nest (be sure the nest has fully dried first). 

If you like, give the crow something to carry! Simply glue a length of yarn or fabric (or anything else you can think of) so that it looks like it is hanging from its feet. The last step is to fill the nest so that it will be a very cozy place for baby crows to hang out!

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