Thursday, January 11, 2024


When I had my first meeting with the folks at Bandersnatch Books, I was offered the opportunity to design the book’s cover. Because I’m the book’s author as well as the illustrator, you may think that it was perfectly logical for this task to fall to me. But, here’s the thing: I was still in a little bit of a state of panic and shock about creating the illustrations (at the time, just a few doodles and some art journal entries) for this book. Design a cover? I’ve never designed a cover before. What did I know? Who was I kidding? I’ve never had a stronger feeling of “imposter syndrome” than in that moment.

But I immediately said yes. Because…duh. I wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity. I could do scary things. I had already done the scary thing of sending this manuscript out into the world with my art in it. And they wanted to publish it! So, I could do this. And I did! And here it is!

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MARI IN THE MARGINS, a middle grade novel-in-verse, releases in May. 

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