Monday, May 19, 2008

wonders of spring

I meandered through the back yard, admiring the irises, some in full bloom, others tipped with a purple promise of their future glory. I continued on, stepping into the shade of the back deck, and looked up. There, tucked between the support beams of the deck, was a nest. And on that nest, a robin, eyeing me warily.

She couldn't have been more than two feet away from my head. No doubt she was tensed, ready to flee if necessary. But she stayed, ever the protective mother, sitting on her eggs.

I walked away calmly, called the dogs to me, and went back into the house.

What fun to have a robin nesting on the deck again! Soon the eggs will hatch and I'll be able to watch my children peering through the deck boards, eager for a glimpse of those funny-looking, naked baby birds.

Don't you just LOVE spring?


  1. this is beautiful
    i DO love spring

  2. Ah, that is so sweet. We have a few nests in our pine trees. The girls keep brining step ladders outside to sneak a peek when the Mama flies away. They know not to touch. We also have a family of geese that have about 14 goslings. I dont' think they are all this one couples. It's almost like they are a commune. There are 6 other feese that are always near by but they never have the goslings. It's interesting.