Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Mexico pictures

Already it has been over two weeks since we got back from our trip to Mexico. And my husband has been pining for Canadas as if the town were a lost love. I have to admit, I miss it too, and I would gladly get back on a plane and put up with all the hassles of travel just to spend another two weeks there. But that won't happen for at least a year. So for now, I'll visit Mexico in my thoughts, through photos and through my writing--I have a long list of poems to write, after all.

Here are a few pictures from our trip, just to give you the slightest glimpse into what life is like in the heart of Mexico.

Here is the plaza in the middle of the small town we stayed in, Canadas (there should be a little ~ over that 'n' but I don't know how to do that with my computer). This picture was taken from inside the little internet/gaming store. My hubby took this shot, trying to capture the first rain of the summer--the first rain in about 5 months--which just happened to occur as we were walking to the shop. It rained every day after that, and cooled off quite a bit as well. Up to that point it had been HOT during the day and very pleasant at night.

Laundry day!

I didn't do all my laundry like this. There was a primitive washing machine in the house, but with just a little bit to do it was easier to do it by hand. Then we hung it to dry. Once the rains came we had to hang the laundry in the house! But it worked out.

Butchered pig in the market. Yummy!

What else can I say? Doesn't this photo get you droolin'? Who wants some carnitas?

If you were hoping for some photos of gorgeous scenery, I hope you weren't too disappointed. Maybe next time.


  1. Angie, I love the new pic!

  2. Yay, a vacation! How nice. Sadly we will be vacationing in our backyard this summer... At leat we have a pool and live across the street from a river.