Friday, July 18, 2008

Screaming for Ice Cream

Blogging is a good way to stretch one's writing muscles. So here's a true story for you. I hope it tickles your funny bone.

I heard the distant "ding-ding" of the ice cream truck, followed by eager gasps from two of my children, seven-year-old Little Guy and eleven-year-old Daughter #2.

"The ice cream man!" Little Guy cried out. "Mom, you said you'd get us ice cream."

I smiled, remembering my promise from a few weeks earlier: "The next time the ding-ding man comes by, I'll get all three of you an ice cream."

We had waited weeks, and now the time had come. Maybe.

"Go get my purse," I said. "Just in case he comes down our street." I was doubtful. After all, we'd heard the distant "ding-ding" in times past, only to be disappointed.

David came running out of the house about 30 seconds later, holding my purse out in front of him. I took the purse, laughing, and told him to go play.

Time passed. It was getting close to bed time. Hope seemed to be lost. So I called the kids inside and told them they could have milk and cookies instead.

A few minutes later, two of my kiddos were seated at the table. Little Guy dunked a cookie into his milk, then suddenly erupted with, "The ice cream man! He's coming!"

Before I could respond, Little Guy and Daughter #2 bolted out the door, Little Guy in the lead. I followed in time to see him dashing down the sidewalk, arms flailing in the air, screaming at the top of his lungs, "Ice cream! Ice cream! Ice cream!"

The truck had just turned the corner. Was it too late?

I went back into the house to grab my purse, just in case. When I came back outside, the ice cream truck had turned around and was heading up the hill toward our house. The looks of glee on my children's faces were priceless.

Laughing, I told the young girl in the truck, "They thought they'd missed you."

And she replied, "We heard them screaming."

It was five dollars well spent.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

writing struggles

Today Corey and I tried working on one of our older stories. A story that we just haven't been able to get right.

Well, nothing's changed. Not much anyway. I don't know why, but I can't seem to get into this story. I like it well enough, but it's not like Over the Top or What About Moose, both of which I felt invested in and I had a lot of fun working on.

I suggested we set it aside (again) and come back to it. What's the point of forcing it? If we're not having fun with it then it won't be any good.

Maybe one of these days I'll be vacuuming my family room and an "Ah-ha!" moment will strike (don't laugh--ideas often come to me while vacuuming). Or maybe it will all fall together the next time I dare to open that file.

I don't mind the struggle. Anything worth accomplishing is worth striving for. But writing a story isn't like scrubbing the burn stains off a stove. You can't just force it and expect it to sparkle when you're done.

So we wait. And I hope we'll soon start something new.

In the mean time, I have that novel in verse I've mentioned before. And I should go work on it because I left one of my characters bleeding and I need to get him patched up before he faints from blood loss.

Good night. :-)

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Mexico pictures

Already it has been over two weeks since we got back from our trip to Mexico. And my husband has been pining for Canadas as if the town were a lost love. I have to admit, I miss it too, and I would gladly get back on a plane and put up with all the hassles of travel just to spend another two weeks there. But that won't happen for at least a year. So for now, I'll visit Mexico in my thoughts, through photos and through my writing--I have a long list of poems to write, after all.

Here are a few pictures from our trip, just to give you the slightest glimpse into what life is like in the heart of Mexico.

Here is the plaza in the middle of the small town we stayed in, Canadas (there should be a little ~ over that 'n' but I don't know how to do that with my computer). This picture was taken from inside the little internet/gaming store. My hubby took this shot, trying to capture the first rain of the summer--the first rain in about 5 months--which just happened to occur as we were walking to the shop. It rained every day after that, and cooled off quite a bit as well. Up to that point it had been HOT during the day and very pleasant at night.

Laundry day!

I didn't do all my laundry like this. There was a primitive washing machine in the house, but with just a little bit to do it was easier to do it by hand. Then we hung it to dry. Once the rains came we had to hang the laundry in the house! But it worked out.

Butchered pig in the market. Yummy!

What else can I say? Doesn't this photo get you droolin'? Who wants some carnitas?

If you were hoping for some photos of gorgeous scenery, I hope you weren't too disappointed. Maybe next time.