Friday, July 18, 2008

Screaming for Ice Cream

Blogging is a good way to stretch one's writing muscles. So here's a true story for you. I hope it tickles your funny bone.

I heard the distant "ding-ding" of the ice cream truck, followed by eager gasps from two of my children, seven-year-old Little Guy and eleven-year-old Daughter #2.

"The ice cream man!" Little Guy cried out. "Mom, you said you'd get us ice cream."

I smiled, remembering my promise from a few weeks earlier: "The next time the ding-ding man comes by, I'll get all three of you an ice cream."

We had waited weeks, and now the time had come. Maybe.

"Go get my purse," I said. "Just in case he comes down our street." I was doubtful. After all, we'd heard the distant "ding-ding" in times past, only to be disappointed.

David came running out of the house about 30 seconds later, holding my purse out in front of him. I took the purse, laughing, and told him to go play.

Time passed. It was getting close to bed time. Hope seemed to be lost. So I called the kids inside and told them they could have milk and cookies instead.

A few minutes later, two of my kiddos were seated at the table. Little Guy dunked a cookie into his milk, then suddenly erupted with, "The ice cream man! He's coming!"

Before I could respond, Little Guy and Daughter #2 bolted out the door, Little Guy in the lead. I followed in time to see him dashing down the sidewalk, arms flailing in the air, screaming at the top of his lungs, "Ice cream! Ice cream! Ice cream!"

The truck had just turned the corner. Was it too late?

I went back into the house to grab my purse, just in case. When I came back outside, the ice cream truck had turned around and was heading up the hill toward our house. The looks of glee on my children's faces were priceless.

Laughing, I told the young girl in the truck, "They thought they'd missed you."

And she replied, "We heard them screaming."

It was five dollars well spent.

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  1. Consider me tickled. :-)

    I could see this all playing out in my head. How fun!


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