Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tuesday Tip # 10: Your Story Your Way

There are a lot of rules out there about writing. Lots and lots of guidelines to follow. Plenty of best-seller lists and writing trends that may (or may not) give you an idea of what types of stories SELL. But, if you want to enjoy the writing process, my advice is to forget about writing something that will sell. Just write!

Every story wants to be told. Why else would they creep up on us in the shower or whisper tantalizingly into our ears at night? But it's not enough to tell a story--you need to tell it the way it demands to be told.

You could try to lead your story, to force it down roads that it's inclined to avoid. What good will that do you? You may reach your destination, but will you have enjoyed getting there? Will your story be as great as it could be?

Let your story lead you where it wants to go. Who knows what adventures await!


  1. Good advice. And love the new look!

  2. Great advice! My ideas always come in the shower ... the problem is, I forget all the details by the time I get to my desk! :-) I actually did a blog post a while back about the places/times where ideas seem to come most freely ... for me it was the shower and the car! Love the new look!

  3. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Like Kelly ideas come while in the car. Most of my best ideas come when my head is on my pillow right before I drift to sleep or in the twilight of the morning when I don't know if I am really awake yet.

    This tip speaks to my heart.

  4. Corey and Kelly--thanks! It's not quite the look I want, but it's gettin' there.

    Kelly and Angie--funny that ideas strike us at the most inconvenient moments! If only we could have a notebook handy in the shower. Or maybe we could use a grease marker and write on the walls! At least if you're driving you could use your cell to send a message to yourself. :-)


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