Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Tuesday Tip #21: A Great Writing Blog

Okay, I know I'm late for my Tuesday Tip. I've been busy! Went to the zoo today with my son's second-grade class. Then I came home, cooked dinner, and started cutting out fabric for costumes for my daughters, who will be starring in the musical Mulan at their school in three weeks! When have I had time to think of Tuesday Tips?

But here's one for you: Check out this awesome blog. Nicola Morgan has an abundance of vital info (and humor) for any aspiring writer.

Just don't fall so in love with her blog that you forget about me.

One more thing:

Here's a reason for you to come back. This weekend I will be posting an interview with children's author/poet Kristy Dempsey. Don't miss it!

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