Monday, August 10, 2009

Tuesday Tip #24: Waste Not

I love saving things and reusing them. My Grandma used to make cute little geese from old gallon milk jugs and use them for holding wash cloths and soap in the bathroom. I had an article published in Pockets about making old "junk" useful for something new. I've been saving pop tabs, wrappers and other throw-away items to use in a family collage project. It's fun to give those old things a new purpose. Not that I never throw anything away!

It's not so different with my writing, but I never throw anything out! Hanging around in my writing folders with nothing to do (for now) are countless tid-bits waiting to be given new life. Poems that I started, but were never finished or polished. Lines of dialogue, title ideas, scenes that were cut from stories, clever rhymes that never made it into that rhyming story. It may seem like a bunch of wordy clutter, but some day I may be browsing through that old junk and find a way to give some of it new life.

So don't throw any of your words out. You might find a way to use them some day!


  1. I completely agree!!!

  2. I love throwing things out. It's a sickness. Ha!

    But, oddly enough, I keep a lot of my removed writing in an "outtakes" sort of folder.

    Good advice.

  3. I'm a pack rat. For each story, I have a document called "cut bits" that I save scenes in. When I do major revisions, I start a whole new document. Word files don't use much hard drive space =)


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