Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday Tip #25: Creativity--Live a Little!

As a writer, it is sometimes easy for me to forget that there are other things I like to do. Other skills I like to pursue.

Like crocheting, scrapbooking, drawing and painting.

I have never really walked away from drawing. As I've mentioned before, I will often draw pictures to go with my poetry submissions. But it's been a long time since I've had an art project in the works. That changed recently when a friend asked me to paint something for him as a gift for his wife. I agreed, somewhat reluctantly, because it had been so long since I had painted anything. But the project (painting flowers onto a set of watering cans) got me craving art again. And I am realizing how good it is to have more than one creative interest in my life.

So, my tip is this: Don't stop pursuing your other interests, even if they're just hobbies for fun. It's healthy to direct your creative energy in a fresh direction once in a while.


  1. Can you post photos of the finished project? Would love to see them!

  2. This is so important, Rebecca, for maintaining balance, isn't it!

  3. Great advice, Rebecca. Interesting I should come across your post about this, because I've been feeling the itch to knit lately and I haven't done it in a decade! Maybe the universe is speaking to me.

  4. I am Angie Washington and I approve this message.

    hee hee hee...

    Maybe I am practicing my political arts. :-)

    I am just being silly. I do think, though, that this is a very good tip.

  5. So true!
    I used to love making jewelry. The other day my daughter and I sat down and made some bracelets together and it was such a blast!

  6. Corey--you've put me on the spot! Maybe I'll post them...

    PJ--Balance really IS important, if for nothing else than just keeping me from getting cranky! :-)

    Lizann--I usually get the urge to crochet when the weather gets cooler.

    Angie--I like your silliness.

    Sherrie--I like to make jewelry with my girls too, though we haven't done it in quite a while. Last year we designed our own snowman earrings. They are super cute!

    Kelly (and everyone else)--Now I expect all of you to go out and do something creative BESIDES writing!

  7. I think that is a really good point. So often we get obsessed in our writing world, it's hard to snap out of it.

    This is most true when faced with a plot or character problem and we get so obsessed that we're thinking about it even when we're not writing.

    My remedy is listening to music or going to the coffee shop to read something.


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